Winter Redfish Holding Steady

We’re in the last few days of winter (I hope), and the Redfish are holding steady, and I appreciate the consistency. While we’re not usually catching tons of fish, the ones we are catching are quality over-the-slot specimens. They’re active, feeding, and fighting. I don’t think our water is quite as warm as it was this time last year, but it’s certainly enough to keep the fish moving a bit.

The borderline “cold” temperatures and windy days of the last couple weeks are enough to try any fisherman’s patience. We’re getting out when we can, where we can, finding the right creeks to hide from the wind… hopefully the right creeks with the fish.

Yesterday brought us two nice Reds ~24″ and 26″. The larger was a nice vibrant orange, and fought more like a 36″ fish.

Thanks to Michael and Jim for toughing it out on a breezy day!

Late Winter Redfish