Future Marine Biologist Wrangles Redfish


Steve and Josh joined me again for some Hilton Head fishing, and our efforts were rewarded with some nice Redfish and a Flounder.

Future marine biologist Josh won the day’s tournament, with a couple hefty reds… A 25″ shown here and an even larger 28″! Josh’s experience pulling in freshwater trout on light tackle were evident when fighting these big red drum. While the 25″ put up a nice fight, the 28″ pulled like it was 100 pounds for a while. I wouldn’t say Josh was “calm” (he was as wound up as I’d be fighting a nice fish) but he certainly kept his cool and managed to get the fish under control and away from the obstacles in the vicinity.

Steve found a great looking flounder, and I wish I’d grabbed a picture of it, too. I was talking with Josh about how the flounder’s camouflage skin changes color like a chameleon. just as I’d mentioned this, the flounder’s bright white spots turned the exact same shade of brown as his pants that were underneath the fish! Really cool to see that happen right before your eyes.