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Fishing Reports

Hilton Head Island Fishing Reports on current catches and techniques from Captain Blair Willis.


Flounder in the Flats

Found this flounder amongst a school of redfish in one of the mudflats on Hilton Head’s Skull Creek. When you’re casting to …


Bull Redfish on a Cloudy Day

“Too hot, too cold, too sunny, too cloudy, too rainy, too dry…” I’ve heard all the excuses in the book about why …


Spadefish Charters

The subject of this post is not my hatless head after a 90 minute boat ride, as perhaps that deserves a post …

Hilton Head Shark Fishing First Sharks Of Season

Sharks are back!

The Hilton Head Shark Fishing Season has officially begun! Sharks are back inshore, as the waters warmed slightly and brought our first …