Biggest Redfish so far this year.

David H. of St. Petersburg, FL reeled in this hefty 32″ Red Drum on a recent charter. A patient attitude paid off, as we’d spent quite some time poling the creeks and flats looking for fish. The water was crystal clear, but the fish were nowhere to be seen until we found a school of over-the-slot reds. The 32″ was the first to strike, and he hit hard!
Despite winter-type cool water, these fish were warmed up and very active once we got ahold of them. The fish held to an area between oyster outcroppings about 50 yards apart, hanging with a few large size mullet as well. As we worked the school, a trio of dolphins moved in to the flat and began stun-feeding. They chased the mullet (and the reds) back and forth to either side of us. A few egrets and herons arrived on the shore side, wading out with hopes of catching some of the action. We had front row seats to a National Geographic show that continued for probably 30-45 minutes to top off our day. What a memorable experience. Thanks for joining me on the water, David! >